Sunday, 15 January 2017

What a slacker!! (Pt. 2)

Continuing on from my being a lazy butt post previously....

Whilst I have been absent from my blog I have also been exploring London and practicing my guitar. My housemate and I have attempted for the past few weeks to go to an open mic night, however, we have as yet been lucky to find one close by that was actually on.
We did end up going to a restaurant instead one week and an interesting bar the next. 
The restaurant was called the Blues Kitchen and it was actually pretty cool, the food was really good and they had a live band playing, which, was just amazing. It’s been a while since I’ve heard live music at a restaurant. 
The bar we ended up at also had live music which was why we decided to stay rather than go home. That particular night we were there they had small up and coming bands that played, some were really good, some...not so much, but hey, they were up there playing so gotta give them credit for that. Both evenings turned out to be not what we had planned but still great nights. We have planned to go to another area this week in the hopes that they will have an open mic night going.

I would like to one day perform at one of these open mic nights so I have therefore been practicing my guitar quite a bit and have come up with a bit of a repertoire. I have been playing songs such as “Zombie” by the cranberries, a few songs by Kasey chambers, a few songs by Ed Sheeran and I have been attempting many more in particular songs by The pretty reckless, Tonight alive and Paramore.
I do also have an ever growing list of songs I want to teach myself which will happen soon hopefully! I might even put the list up here to keep track of my progress :)

I have been looking at doing a short course in beginners guitar which I might do just to give me some technique. It’s a 10 week course for 2 hours a week and who knows, I may just meet my future band members or life long friends there! Haha If nothing else I might make some friends who enjoy music as much as I do :)

What else have I been up to? Oh! The set of shelves in my room were broken and I have been meaning to replace them for quite a while now so I did that. Built them all by myself! I don’t need no man! Haha!

Not much else has been going on, just mainly doing my thing. I guess my goal from here is to assist with make up when I can, practice my guitar and keep writing songs but mainly to work and then travel. I’ve got a bit of a list of places I would like to go while I’m here. I think Scotland and Ireland will be my next destination. I'll look at Europe for in the summer perhaps when it's a bit warmer!!
It been snowing the pst few days, but London is too warm for it to last long so it just melts shortly after it falls. The snow that falls onto the roads just turns into a sludge in the gutter which is kind of gross. It is pretty though when it does snow.

Housemate and I have decided to go for a run two times a week so we shall see if we actually do that or not! we have decided Tuesday will be the first run we do so we shall see how that goes...or if it even goes haha! 
Wish us luck!

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